Our Approach

Cinderella Foundation uses fun, creative programs and activities to engage and motivate girls in the DC Metropolitan area. Through fashion, beauty, and TLC, the foundation builds girls’ self-esteem and encourages them to dream big.

Inspiring Advocates

Cinderella Girls mentors are inspiring, successful role models from the DC Metropolitan area. They’re committed to using their time, talents, and resources to building a stronger community through passionate leadership.

Creative Programs

We offer a variety of activities and events that give girls the tools they need to achieve their dreams. Our programs include academic support, professional development, and interpersonal skills that motivate and inspire.

Reliable Support

Our program welcomes girls into a loving, supportive safety net of relationships with their peers and mentors. This consistent reminder that they are valued gives Cinderella Girls the confidence to believe in themselves.

Cinderella Foundation equips girls to overcome personal setbacks, build their own futures, and strengthen their communities in the process through several unique programs designed with our girls in mind. Our events are focused on guiding girls in the following areas of self-improvement:

  • Financial literacy
  • Self-esteem
  • Life skills
  • Personal hygiene
  • Self-defense
  • Exercise
  • Making smart choices
  • Healthy cooking and eating
  • Increasing reading comprehension
  • Etiquette and customer service

Cinderella Girl Leadership Boot Camp

Each year, Cinderella Foundation invites a group of DC Metropolitan area girls between the ages of 10 and 18 to participate in a Leadership Boot Camp. There, they have an opportunity to expand their life experiences and their ideas about what they can accomplish. Participants are treated to a wide range of exciting activities that help them find their voices and gain confidence through the development of strong, supportive relationships with mentors, peers, and prominent community leaders.


In the past, workshops have provided guidance in the following areas (and many others):

  • Zumba classes
  • Yoga instruction
  • Personal and dental hygiene
  • Storyboarding their future
  • Preparing French cuisine
  • Hair and nail care
  • The value of reading and education
  • And more!

Honored speakers have included…


  • Carla Hall, co-host of ABC’s The Chew
  • Sally Schoen, Wella Salon’s Director of Global Education
  • American radio personality Marie “Free” Antoinette Wright
  • Carmen Rodriguez, HR Director of BET
  • Jennifer Jones, business consultant